To Whom It May Concern,

A five-course dining experience that is exploring how food can, with its multi-sensorial features, be used as a tool to spark curiosity, be a discursive device for generating ideas and conversations about matters of concern that affect society. The experience is visually black and white, and to see things in that monochrome, symbolically means there is only one possible judgment to be made about the situation. But is the food what it seems to be? What are facts, how much to trust of what is said, and when to look beyond the surface?

Round table for curiosities is predicted to happen in a context where important topics are discussed, among people with power who compromise the well-being of everyone, human and non-human living world just and purely for the sake of economic and power growth. Can they see below the surface of their acts? Can this food trick the trickster?

Cauliflower purée with aged garlic
Black sesame tahini bread baked in salt crust
Cuttlefish ink risotto
Coconut cake

White chocolate and
panna cotta

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